Monday, April 12, 2010

It's alive!

Apparently not only bears go to hibernation, but also certain art blogs. But luckily the spring is upon us and we are back with fresh ideas and inspiration!

So Saturday, the 17th of April we are going to have some very geeky artistic fun at my place in Malmö. Most of us can't seem to get over the experience of movie-making (still have vivid dreams of tearing teddy bears apart, going through the same quarrel scenes so many times that the bad words start to come up all by themselves, and not to forget the other very movie unrelated stuff that was recorded in uncensored pictures). So... after a very short discussion with Alyona, we came up with an idea of making a new movie!

See you all on Saturday! And a very special thought goes to our member of honor Andreas (who has traded us for England). We are going to miss you.