Sunday, October 3, 2010

Modeling and inspiration

Hello dear followers. Lots of love from UK.
Yesterday the weather was fantastic. We were walking in The Shire which looks EXACTLY like from the beginning of Lord of the Rings. Remember that scene where Frodo first sees the Ringwraiths?

As you know I have been focusing more on model photographing of late. Natalie and I had a fantastic 2 day session. I'm going to be posting images that inspire me and break them appart why they work. My home is that we can all be inspired and learn from these photos.

Lets start with the picture below:

So why does this image works?
- This image is all about contrasts. These strong contrasts sends conflicting messages to you making you wonder.
- The contrast between her bare nudity and the sharp shoes, mixture of smooth curves and then such a sharp spike.
- The composition. Notice the way the body is bending, almost like an s shape, all ending in her shoes which is like an arrow pointing straight down. Also notice that the shoes are in the exact center of the image.
- Story. She looks as if she is protecting herself from something. Is it from a lover, or is she just upset, maybe she is nervous about some performance she is going to do. Could she be working in Paris as an exotic dancer?
- Contrast between colors. For me what makes this really works is the contrast between black and white and the strong colors.

Now, what do you all think?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Times

Hello dear art club members.
Every time we have met has been a great success and an amazing amount of fun. Thank you all for the good times!

So what have I been up to the last month? Well since I've been working with art I have made lots of artistic things. This little teaser movie is one of the projects I'm working with.
What my group creates is the snow, the water, the rain, the dust, the animations in the environment, the birds, the butterflies and water splashes glinting in the air:
(play it in 720 HD if you can)
It's fantastic when you see your creating create a breathing live world in front of your eyes.

So what is going to happen for the future? Anything exciting going on?
Well, here are the things planned from my side:
  • Much increased information on the blog. I want this blog to be a center place for artistic people. For learning, sharing, but also for finding new friends. You will soon see new things coming up here! If you have anything to share, cool paintings, drawings, photos, please do so and I promise to do the same. I have so much to share, I will soon begin with one at a time.

  • New Art Club Meeting. I'm proposing a new artsy meeting in the Copenhagen/Malmö Area. We just need to nail a date. I have some interesting ideas for projects we could work on. This could be either fall photography or it could be a continuation of our old drawing excersize.

Best wishes. Create art.... with passion!

But before we go separate ways, an image of inspiration...

This painting is based on La Belle Dame Sans Merci by John Keat. These old romantic paintings inspire me greatly, you have mystic nature, beautiful clothing and a heroic story in the background.