Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Feedback for Course 1

Hiya, everyone. The first course was very smooth. It was tons of fun and everyone created good pictures. I will soon put up the pictures that we did together.

Here is some feedback for all of you, that you can work on untill next time. Hey, i will even give some feedback for myself.

Your picture was the picture that was the closest to mine. You have a good overall composition and the picture works good together. What you need to work on is the details and pencil strokes. What you should work on:
- hold the pencil like i showed you, underhand
- draw one line, just the way we did at the course. So its thining, and then you add randomness on it
- Create many pictures with grass and trees this way.

You had a very good style in your images. I even drew a picture yesterday copying your style, because I liked it. Very good! What you need to work on is making it look more like mine drawing. Your contrasts are too strong to be realistic. Make more gray shadows in between, also look at some of the leaves details.

Your picture turned out good in the end.
You need to make the pictures less straight. Add more randomness to the grass, the branches, practice on the same as Natalie. Also make the grass hills more round.

Your picture was very good thinking of how little you have drawed before. You need to work more on the lines and the general shading. Work on creating different hills and add shades of gray between them. Look at photos in black and white.

Andreas (myself)
To reach the next level in drawing trees use photographs as reference. Copy exactly how they look and memorize this so this can be done in free hand.

Any questions, just post here please :)
Also don't hesitate to post your art of course.

Best wishes,

Monday, March 30, 2009

Our last and our next meeting

Hey guys!

That was great day yesterday that we spent together! I've got loads of inspiration and I'm looking forward to continue with pencil drawing at our next meeting. Now, since I have volunteered to present an artistic topic next time, you can look forward to being introduced to a very interesting artist :)

The question is, when should that next time be? I suggest a meeting in three weeks - 18th or 19th of April.

What do you think?


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First Meeting - Pencil for Beginners

Welcome to the first meeting or "assignment". This time we will learn the basics of pencil drawings and also create a more detailed drawing.
All our meetings are for everyone. It doesn't matter if you never did ANY drawings or painting in your whole life. The only requirement we have is that you bring a smile and are curious about art and meeting artistic people. The meetings are about
  • Creating art
  • Meeting artistic friends
  • Having fun, drawing with a glass of wine is allowed ;)

About the organizer Andreas Öberg
I'm, Andreas will be leading this meeting. This means I will teach you some basics in pencil drawings and some of those extra fansy tricks that most artists just may never learn. But you will ;)

An example of one of my drawings:

We are not going to do as an advanced drawings as the one above. We will do:
  • Basic light techniques, shading and shadows
  • Patterns, for example grass and branches
  • Copy a drawing/photo. I will create a drawing step-by-step and everyone will follow. This is where we will spend most of our time.

Andreas Öberg, Baltzarsgatan 14B, Malmö. Ring the bell.

Sunday 29th March, 14-18. This means 14.00 at the door people, so please don't be late :)

"Late" lunch is served (around 15), bring money for it 50 SEK, or 35DKK

What you need to bring
  • drawing paper. Perfect is a book around A4 size. Cost about 40SEK
  • Pencils. Perfect is a whole box with pencils cost about 100SEK. An example is this one. The pencils should mostly be soft ones (B). So from B9 to H4 for example:

If you want to save some money buy 3 pencils. B6, B2 and H2
  • Rubber. A big soft one with sharp edges. Example:
If you absolutely cannot find any of this stuff we will have some extra material around.

Looking forward to see you all soon!


Hi all

Welcome here, to where imagination soares


Carefully climb the stairs up the oak tree. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of inspiration and laughter. Listen to the birds singing in the forest and find your brush. Its time to create some art together.

Welcome to Tree House Art Club...