Monday, October 5, 2009

Macro Flowers

Hiya all. As you probably know I bought the Canon 100mm 2.8 lens a while ago.
I really like taking pictures of flowers, up close there is just so much beauty and detail that you never appreciate normally.

These are my latest macro works.

The picture below is about 4cm big in my mothers garden. I shot hand held used an aluminium foil reflector to create the strong glare of light in the water drops. Thanks mom for holding the reflector :D
The picture has been cropped pretty strongly so it's only about a third of the original size. I hope to process this in Photoshop quite extensively.

(click to see full frame)

A cute little blu flower, about 2cm big, this is the original size from the camera. I took some shots where the background is more blurry, I plan on replacing this background with the blurriness. I took about 50 different images of this flower because I could sense that there was a perfect shot in it. Another shot showing a bit of sky had even better composition but since that one was handlheld it wasn't sharp enough. I shot this picture with a tripod at f/16 ISO 100. I also used tiny ropes to hold the flower upright.
This flower is about 3cm. It's shot handheld and you can see a bit of the reflector to the left. I plan on painting it away. The reflector makes a big difference in the highlights.

Currently I'm investigating how to come even closer with Macro (without spending a fortune).
Any comments are welcome.


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