Monday, April 6, 2009

Our next meeting

So guys, when should we meet? Andy, should it be at your place again?

Hugs, Nat


  1. Hiya!! I would love to meet when you suggest, but me and Erika are in Prague for 9 days. Walking around in museums, seeing millions of paintings. We could have a quick meeting before we go somewhere between the 13-17th, maybe in Copenhagen. Otherwise the best I can do is March the 3rd. What do you guys think?

    See ya!

  2. OK, I see :) Dennis and I are in Oslo between the 15 - 17th (morning). So I'm free Monday, Tuesday and Friday. We could meet in Cph and go somewhere where we could draw (like Glyptoteke) or maybe a park (trees).

    Otherwise, May the 3rd is fine with me :)

  3. Hi again!

    What do you think about us meeting on Friday the 17th?