Thursday, April 2, 2009


Hi guys!

I want to share my recent creation with you :) I came across a photo of this lioness and wanted to see if I could draw her. Here is the result. I found out that to be able to do a better work on small areas I will need to purchase a special eraser pencil with shaped sharp edges (the drawing actually lacks the hair that usually grows around cats' noses :P I understood that I wasn't able to highlight that hair with my kneaded eraser... too late to be able to do something about it). Otherwise I'm pretty much satisfied for now ;) And your critic is always welcome.


  1. The picture looks really nice. I would like to se it in real.The eraser pencil with shaped sharp that is definitly a good idea when you draw animals, but everithing else is great! :-)
    I woaul like to se the picture in real, to say more about it :-)))))

  2. That is very nice. You got all the important parts right. The eyes are good, the mouth is good and the overall shading is good. What would make it even better is if you could get some more details into the fur. Look very closely at the drawings in drawing books. Some of them shows how to do the furr very well. Lokks very nice, when can I adopt her as a pet? :D