Sunday, October 3, 2010

Modeling and inspiration

Hello dear followers. Lots of love from UK.
Yesterday the weather was fantastic. We were walking in The Shire which looks EXACTLY like from the beginning of Lord of the Rings. Remember that scene where Frodo first sees the Ringwraiths?

As you know I have been focusing more on model photographing of late. Natalie and I had a fantastic 2 day session. I'm going to be posting images that inspire me and break them appart why they work. My home is that we can all be inspired and learn from these photos.

Lets start with the picture below:

So why does this image works?
- This image is all about contrasts. These strong contrasts sends conflicting messages to you making you wonder.
- The contrast between her bare nudity and the sharp shoes, mixture of smooth curves and then such a sharp spike.
- The composition. Notice the way the body is bending, almost like an s shape, all ending in her shoes which is like an arrow pointing straight down. Also notice that the shoes are in the exact center of the image.
- Story. She looks as if she is protecting herself from something. Is it from a lover, or is she just upset, maybe she is nervous about some performance she is going to do. Could she be working in Paris as an exotic dancer?
- Contrast between colors. For me what makes this really works is the contrast between black and white and the strong colors.

Now, what do you all think?


  1. I like the idea of contrast on this picture. Sexy, but dangerous. Naked, but covered. Curved but straight. Plain shoes vs. bright red shoes. This image keeps you wondering. It also looks unstable, so your mind keeps going back trying to "fix it" so she doesn't fall down.

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