Monday, March 30, 2009

Our last and our next meeting

Hey guys!

That was great day yesterday that we spent together! I've got loads of inspiration and I'm looking forward to continue with pencil drawing at our next meeting. Now, since I have volunteered to present an artistic topic next time, you can look forward to being introduced to a very interesting artist :)

The question is, when should that next time be? I suggest a meeting in three weeks - 18th or 19th of April.

What do you think?



  1. I agree that it was a great time! Fantastic. And a meeting in about three weeks is perfect. Haha, tomorrow would be nice too ;)

  2. Jaaaa, that was really nice to meet all of you guys! The day was super, the food was super, people were super!
    Looking forward meeting you again :-)
    What about the 19th of April ;-)

  3. The 19th of April works perfect for me. Rumors around here say that this is also Aleks' B-day. Hehe, but I don't think he will find anything more exiting to do rather than hanging out with us.

    Will you continue the good tradition of being the host, Andy?
    (My flat has not quite reached its perfection yet ;)