Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Feedback for Course 1

Hiya, everyone. The first course was very smooth. It was tons of fun and everyone created good pictures. I will soon put up the pictures that we did together.

Here is some feedback for all of you, that you can work on untill next time. Hey, i will even give some feedback for myself.

Your picture was the picture that was the closest to mine. You have a good overall composition and the picture works good together. What you need to work on is the details and pencil strokes. What you should work on:
- hold the pencil like i showed you, underhand
- draw one line, just the way we did at the course. So its thining, and then you add randomness on it
- Create many pictures with grass and trees this way.

You had a very good style in your images. I even drew a picture yesterday copying your style, because I liked it. Very good! What you need to work on is making it look more like mine drawing. Your contrasts are too strong to be realistic. Make more gray shadows in between, also look at some of the leaves details.

Your picture turned out good in the end.
You need to make the pictures less straight. Add more randomness to the grass, the branches, practice on the same as Natalie. Also make the grass hills more round.

Your picture was very good thinking of how little you have drawed before. You need to work more on the lines and the general shading. Work on creating different hills and add shades of gray between them. Look at photos in black and white.

Andreas (myself)
To reach the next level in drawing trees use photographs as reference. Copy exactly how they look and memorize this so this can be done in free hand.

Any questions, just post here please :)
Also don't hesitate to post your art of course.

Best wishes,


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  2. Thanks for your feedback. I'am working on making my pictures more realistic. That's my little problem, coz my pictures look very ofen like "hard metal" :-)
    My question is: how to draw nice realistic leaves on the tree?

  3. Thanks for the feedback! Now, it can be argued whether that was mine drawing that looked like yours.. or maybe yours that looked like mine ;) hehehe (I'm kidding, really I was trying to copy your style since I like it a lot and it is pretty close to my own).

    Now it is practice, practice, practice.

    And a feedback on you teaching:
    I like the consistency and flow. You are good in keeping everyone focused :)